I write because it feels good. If 1,000 people read my writing, or if no one reads my writing, I’m going to write. I never liked writing in school, mostly because I grow contempt for anything that I’m forced to do. Yet I picked up a journal one college afternoon in sunny San Diego and I’ve had an affinity for writing ever since.

After a few years of putting pen to paper I created this website to share my writing with others. Here I shine light on the interesting people in my life who, in the words of Jack Kerouac, “are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn burn burn like yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” On the Road. Man that’s some beautiful prose right there.

I also share innovative ideas and inspirational experiences from global adventures. Please let me know your thoughts that arise while reading so that we can ping pong ideas back and forth. Who knows, maybe you’ll read something that ignites a fire in you and inspires you to go out and do something remarkable in this world.

- Zoheb Davar

13 thoughts on “Composition

  1. Sounds great! I came here from your post in HighExistence. Always love meeting new and interesting people in real life, as many do, and it will be fun to read of your experiences in this area too. Cool beans.

  2. also came from highexistence. i really liked ur idea, because i have an idea of creating a website called and will be traveling the world taking pictures of every where i go and the interesting people i meet.

    • Thanks Jeff (I’m assuming your name is Jeff). My friends and I love to travel as well and we constantly talk about ways to supplement and progress our future travels. Good luck and please let me know if I can help

  3. Dear College Roomate,
    If it wasn’t for that ballpoint pen that glided ever so smoothly across that notebook you had your face buried in every night in college, I would of never gotten any shut eye. Drunk or not, your pen seemed to always find its way to the paper much like an unwritten love story. Now thats dedication! Good to see you’re sharing your art of writing with the world. Every unspoken thought is a missed opportunity to change the world.

    Tommy K.

    • Tommy, I really cannot say it enough… You are the man. It seems to me that you’ve got some solid writing prowess as well.
      Thanks for the refreshing jolt of encouragement!

  4. you literally are the most interesting person I know. I learn so much everyday from you. love this!

  5. Zoheb,

    Big bro here. Glad to see you’re doing well buddy. After slowly creeping on your adventures via Facebook I can see how much you’ve grown since I first met you and I just wanted to drop in and say I’m proud of you man. Keep writing, you’re talented. You’ve always been a bright and intellectual individual. I only hope the best for you and I wish you good luck on your future endeavors.


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