Alan Chin

The title of artist gets tossed around a bit too frequently for my taste. Back in yesteryear, an artist was someone who would paint, mold, carve, etc. Today, the parameters are blurred and anyone can claim to be nested under the endearing label. Alan Chin maintains the essence of an artist in the original sense of the word. He’s a painting, sculpting, creating machine who produces cutting-edge art with his mastery of traditional skill sets. But an artist must surpass the physicality of the art. The tangible result of an artist’s work is a mere note at the end of a symphony. One must possess the proper mindset and embody it in every action to be truly artistic. This I learned from Alan Chin. This is the portrait of a modern manifested artist known as Alan…

Like many great artists before him, Alan has experienced hell and traversed a sinister path when faith stretched thin and hope was well neigh gone. His trials and tribulations included a series of misfortunes induced by an association with phony friends in his formative years when vulnerability peaks. These afflictions were unintentionally amplified by a run-in with psychedelics.

Completely burned, Alan teetered on the edge on life… but fret not, for this is no sob story. Thus, Alan arose from his ashes and approached the world with hat in hands, reinvigorated by a newfound mission – to enable others to tap into their own potential to create something extraordinary for mankind

Alan has been to the otherside and back (i assume the same place Anthony Kiedes was talking about…) 

His past was littered with darkness so now he sheds light on the stuff that matters and expresses it through his art.

As I mentioned, the end product viewed by others as “art” is the manifestation of an idea incubated by the values that a person embodies. In other words, art is merely a person’s beliefs in a physical form. Alan expresses an appreciation for the nuts and bolts of the world that everyone else seems to take for granted. Alan often uses the example of your toothbrush to illustrate this appreciation. Someone must first design and craft the form of the toothbrush. Then another person, probably from a very different part of the world, must create the plastic that will be molded into the shape of the brush. Someone else must then create the fibers, which likely came from a different region of the world, which will be injected into the brush by a machine created by another person. Then comes the toothpaste…

This anecdote serves to shed light on the amount of time and energy put into the most minute aspect of our lives, overlooked and under-appreciated on a daily basis. Being conscious of this one facet in life can bring so much joy to a person simply by appreciating the story behind the product.

Selfless. I respect this trait to the utmost degree and Alan personifies it beautifully. Alan donates practically all his pieces of art to charities and fundraisers for philanthropy. In fact, I’ve never seen a piece of his work that he sold for his own monetary gain. Alan’s art ain’t no slouch either. Some of his pieces yield a price that could sustain a person’s life for a year…

Alan isn’t some drunken playboy artist who drops the reigns of his life for a good time. Instead, he maintains an elegant sober stride in all his endeavors, even when he lets loose, and strengthens the notion that alcohol isn’t a requisite for a wild night. You’re in for some serious action with Alan at the helm. I’m speaking from first-hand experience.

Alan carries a torch of passion for a myriad of crafts and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge to all situations. You’ll never have a dull moment in the presence of this artist. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself…

2 thoughts on “Alan Chin

  1. I’ve recently met Alan through my friend Julia, and though it wasn’t for long, I can see all of your descriptions ringing true. I came across this through a post Julia made; I’m curious how you constructed this site I love the flow of it, feel free to e-mail me if you wish. Salutations sir. Nice work by the way :) btw Kerouac is my favorite author at the moment… I’ve been in a beatnik frenzy as of late…!

    • You’re amongst good company, Preston. A beatnik lifestyle isn’t (usually) full of fame and fortune but it’s full of colorful experiences and adventure. I’m a big fan. Thank you for your support and I sincerely value it. Sounds like we have more to discuss…I’ll be in touch.

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