Alessa Cuetara

I don’t know if the meddling hands of fate put our encounter into action but I believe Alessa and I were bound to meet sooner or later. She grew up with a close college friend of mine, Johnny,  coincidentally spent her own collegiate years chummin’ it with another dear buddy of mine, Shea, and her family also hails from the city that stole mi corazón; Madrid. The people who Alessa chooses to spend her days with can always find solace knowing they’re in excellent company and in the presence of a remarkable woman.

I once read that “private victory always precedes public victory” in a book by Stephen Covey. Alessa consistently works her ass off and has consequently accomplished more in her 23 short years than most people will ever dream to achieve in their entire lives, bar none. She knocked out her undergraduate courses at the University of Miami in 3 concise years and was accepted into Stanford’s MBA graduate program as the youngest student out of 400. In fact, she’s 3 years shy of the next youngest Einstein at Standford business school. But unlike the other anti-social poindexters, Alessa is rad and knows how to have some kicks.

Alessa combines wit, humor and poise to form an ideal associate for a night out on the town. She can hold her own and kick it with the boys during the most obnoxious circumstances but always retains her charming femininity and thereby earning the respect from both sexes.

Yet, she serves up a slice of humble pie in all her encounters by giving due respect and consideration to her peers. There’s a strong correlation between success and ego in today’s world and therefore I have the utmost admiration for people who can still fit their head through the doorway once they’ve reached the top.

The true appeal of Alessa transcends a palpable definition. She just has a beautiful soul. Her kindness radiates out from her bones and gratifies the person with whom she interacts. Alessa will be a major player in the shaping of our world over the next 30 years and I couldn’t be more confident or eager for that future.

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