Antoine Morand

Antoine once asked me, “Why were you born?”

I contemplated the question for a few moments then merely shrugged my shoulders at the philosophical inquiry.

“To make pleasure for women!!” he shouted at me.

At the time I thought it was a funny line but in retrospect I realize that he wasn’t joking, in fact, Antoine’s life gravitates around his core belief in pleasure. Antoine has a French charm that radiates genuine innocence and passion (an awfully seductive combination), which diffuses to everyone around him like the aroma of an intriguing perfume filling the air.

We naturally and immediately struck up a friendship while studying abroad in Madrid as a couple new kids in town looking for some thrills. I studied many more years of Spanish than Antoine and therefore had more success comprehending our professor who spoke entirely en Español, but once we left the classroom our roles were completed reversed. Antoine has the ability to converse with any person in any social situation because he knows how to engage someone on an instinctual level which transcends any specific language. After a few nights out with Antoine I came across the secret to speaking in a foreign language: it’s all about confidence. And there’s no shortage of confidence in Antoine’s repertoire or the French culture.

As we hit the discos night after night I had a front row seat to view the French courting process carried out by a true master. I started experimenting with Antoine’s aggressive yet playful manner of flirting with women which happens to be incredibly entertaining and exciting! I soon learned the key to a fantastic and memorable night out: it’s all about the botellón.

Botellón is a pre-party where you buy a bottle (una botella) with your friends and throw back drinks in a house, a park, or in the streets while exchanging stories and telling jokes. A botellón with Antoine is unique because of the “band of brothers” vibe he creates. He would make certain that every member of the group who joined in for the night’s festivities would ascend to a higher level of pleasure. We wouldn’t embark to a new destination until everyone, everyone, was busting at the seams with laughter and joy. Before we knew it, Antoine had molded us into a tight-knit team that fed off each other’s energy with intentions to help out in all instances, whether talking to a cute girl at the disco or paying for a taxi, we had each other’s best interests in mind.


Happiness is more attractive than anything else in the world and Antoine’s life is enveloped in a veil of happiness. He’s currently learning his 4th language and will soon be making his way to Brazil where he will make pleasure for 1 very, very, very, very lucky girl.

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