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Zero to One

If you’re going to read one book about business, read this one. The author, Peter Thiel, can be linked to the beginnings of so many prevalent companies today i.e. PayPal, Facebook, Tesla, LinkedIn, etc. He takes a philosophical standpoint and shines new light on business through a perspective I had never seen before.


The best story I’ve ever had pleasure of reading. And it’s a true story. Perfect to read before bed and while traveling. Phil Jackson recommended it to Kobe while he was injured.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This book has had the biggest lasting impact on my life. I recommend it to EVERYONE across all career paths in all walks of life.

The Alchemist 

If you’re not an avid reader, start with this. It’s an easy read that will get you excited to read, travel, and live.

On the Road 

Kerouac is an amazing author. His prose is beautiful. I recommend this to those who enjoy the art of writing and also to anyone who is struggling to find direction in life.

Kindle Touch

I always wanted a library to showcase all my books… I ditched that dream after I got this little guy. It’s so damn convenient while traveling and for reading PDFs, text books, etc. I like this version (Kindle Touch) because the print is like newspaper so it doesn’t irritate your eyes after hours of reading like most screens.

Phillips HF3520 Wake Up Light

I loathed my annoying alarm clock. It was a horrible way to start the day. This wake up light simulates the sunrise and culminates with beautiful noises like sounds of birds chirping so it gently brings you back to consciousness. It also provides a dimming light that can be set to turn off gradually over a period of time which is perfect for reading in bed. It’s worth the price. I love it.

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