Justin Ker

Some people are capable of doing damn near anything –  Benny the Jet from The Sandlot, Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, Vincent Chase from Entourage – you know the type. Justin Ker is on the level of these types and the world has always been his oyster. Unlike most talented chumps who almost always seek money and fame (see number of hedge fund managers), Justin chooses to steadfastly devote himself to his friendships. He’s been endowed with the gift of the gab, an untamable spirit, and a rapist’s wit so you’re in for a hell of a ride when in the presence of Mr. Ker.

Justin is an alchemist. He has the uncanny ability to transform the most lackluster of nights into memorable occasions filled with laughter, energy, and romance. He finds warmth when others only see coal. Friedrich Nietzsche defines this ability as a sign of nobility and wrote, “What makes a person ‘noble’? … the feeling of heat in things that feel cold to everybody else”.

He’s a living testament that all you need for the good times to roll are loyal friends with full hearts and open arms which allows all other concerns to fade away. In his core resides a humanist who puts the welfare of his friends above all else.

Don’t get it twisted, Ker isn’t some fast living fiend constantly chasing the next thrill. The kid’s principled and ain’t afraid to get his hands dirty when necessary. We lived in the ghetto rooms of our Fraternity together and partied like 80’s rock stars on tour an average of 3 nights a week, every week. Inevitability there were times when I’d end up down in the ditches of the insane environment as I held on tightly to my last thread of composure.  Ker jumped off the party train into the cruel trenches of despair to get me out of my dark abyss by renewing a sense of faith and inspiration with his affable disposition.

Ker and I share a common love of music festivals where we will always reconnect and enjoy the best parts of life: music, dancing, laughter, drinks, adventure, and friendship.

His future is bright as he recently moved to the sunny city of Denver to create a new market for his company and will undoubtedly make a huge splash in his new pond. The lucky people of Denver have no idea what’s about to come their way.

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