Scott Frost

The tale I’m about to tell involves a protagonist who’s loved by all. He’s never tried to be anything other than his genuine self and this transparency has brought a deluge of happiness to his life. However, in like manner with all other epic characters, he went through some serious shit to get to his current state of being. This story is about a comeback kid named Scott Frost.

Scott and I met as pint-sized lads in Mr. Gerbosi’s 6th-grade science class where we immediately bonded over our mutual issue of being vertically challenged.

A typical summer night in suburban O.C. during our early high school years consisted of kicking it in a parking lot or playing super smash bro’s at someone’s house whose ‘rents were out of town. Then Natasha entered the scene and shook things up like a swift summer storm. She and Scott began seeing each other more and more – words were spoken, laughs were shared, looks were exchanged – they had it all; youth and a summer romance. She brought out the inner rock-star in Scott. But the ground beneath his feet suddenly crumbled as his girlfriend’s life was snatched away during a fatal car accident.

Scott recently confessed that carrying Natasha’s body to her final resting place as a pallbearer was the hardest task he’s had to undertake in his entire 23 years. Personally, I had so much trouble dealing with my own emotions and teenage angst during those ripe years that I couldn’t have endured such a heavy heartache. Yet, Scott overcame the adverse circumstance, came to terms with the fragility of life, and learned to truly cherish the human spirit.

About a year later, we spent our time anxiously anticipating the day we’d leave our nests and enter the collegiate kingdom. One particular evening, a few friends were leaving an empty parking lot and headed towards and empty house. As I drove towards the house I saw some flashing yellow lights and a mangled silver car off in the distance. It was Scott’s car. It had flipped a full 360 degrees on its side, rolling over the chain-linked fence adjacent to the 5 northbound freeway, and skidded up to the protective side rail, stopping a few feet away from oncoming freeway traffic. He and I waited with his passenger, Jake, for what seemed like a lifetime until the ambulance arrived. A long night in the hospital ensued and everyone was in a trance of surreal shock. Nobody was hurt but Scott started to see the world with new eyes and has carried the “what if?” cross with him ever since that night. He now overburdens himself with a feeling of responsibility for others’ well being and has an undying sense of empathy for everyone in his life.

Scott and I both attended San Diego State University, also known as, paradise. Frat parties, beer bongs, no curfew, make your own pizza night at the cafeteria, new friends, and lasers! We had arrived. However, the good times came to a screeching halt due to a series of unfortunate incidents involving a newly implemented 3-strikes rule, a couple of neighbors with a combined IQ of a soap dish, and a lot of bad luck. Scott was forced to take a leave of absence for a semester.

Scott hit rock bottom and walked away from the Garden of Eden with his hat in hands. But he refocused his priorities, got his shit together, and began grinding henceforth. He returned to SDSU and passed all his classes with flying colors. He worked his ass off to reduce the financial burden on his parents by selling ads for the school newspaper while simultaneously serving at the Red Lobster. Additionally, he filled a dire need for his fraternity, Sigma Nu, and took up the role of president as an act of necessity rather a personal desire for fame or status (such is the motivation of all noble leaders).

Today, Scott has a killer job at a global marketing firm and is surrounded by people who love him. Most people don’t know the story of his darkest days because he’s constantly stoked on every aspect of his life, smiling and laughing at all the twists and turns that come his way. He’s a phoenix that has risen from his ashes after getting burned time and time again. He’s an inspiration who never gives up hope for a better tomorrow and I’m honored to call him a friend.


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