Vivek Patel

A substitute teacher performs standard operating procedure by taking roll for a class at Capo Valley High School. All is copacetic,

“John?” “Here.”

“Hillary?” “Here.”

until she comes across…


“Yeah actually the V’s are pronounced like W’s and the K at the end is silent.”

“Um, Wiwe?”

“Yup! I’m here.”

This high school anecdote embodies the essence of Vivek Patel; witty, humorous, and never succumbing to the norm.

Vivek’s uniqueness derives form him uncanny ability to beautifully combine two characteristics that are often polar opposites: being smart and cool. He intertwines intelligence with humor to create comedic gold which initiates contagious laughter in all willy-nilly occasions. This synergy makes for a smashingly fun and entertaining game of poker with him… of course, your chips will slip through your fingers like grains of sand as you’re dealt a string of rubbish cards and experience “bad luck”. But I guarantee you’ll cheerfully forfeit your money as you smile and laugh at his amusing commentary. A true magician’s technique if you ask me.

Bold would be an understatement to describe this gifted conversationalist who talks circles around everyone. He’s not afraid to “go there” and push some buttons on the way but never by any derogatory or disrespectful means. Whilst engaged in conversation with Vivek, one can never be upset.

Vivek has remained true to his roots since the beginning and has always taken pride in his Indian heritage (long before yoga became trendy).

Vivek forever has the back of his team of friends. He took me under his wing like a brother and taught me how to play cards, the ways of politics, how to take pride in every endeavor, and much more.

I have a feeling that this Prius driving, industrial hygiene advisor will be instrumental in trailblazing the global landscape of the future.

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