Zach Amster

A gritty, no fluff, hard rock musician, who would make Tyler Durden proud for having no knowledge of a “douvet cover”. That’s Zach Amster. His badass vibe seeps all the way down to his core yet he maintains an enormous amount of respect and empathy for anyone he encounters. He may depict a tough guy image but in his heart of hearts he has an abundance of compassion which allows him to tightrope along the fine line that separates badasses and assholes without crossing over.

As I’m writing this I’m realizing why I’ve been a fan of the guy since 3rd grade. Zach does epic shit that’s memorable and fun, often times ignoring the risks involved. As younglings we did all the stuff that testosterone-induced teenagers without a cause would do. Think “Jackass” meets “Project X”. Setting fire to bags of dog shit on doorsteps always made for an exciting weekend. Something like this:

Senior year of high school would have been a lot less colorful if Zach didn’t motivate me to toke up before 0 period. And again during lunch. And on the weekends. His crazy antics went awry at times and he was forced to bite the bullet on occasion, like the time he started peeing in the outfield during baseball practice in front of coach Zamora and was obligated to pick weeds after practice for hours.

Alright, that’s enough reminiscing about the silly stuff.

Zack’s faith in Rock and Roll has always, ALWAYS, remained steadfast. He started noodling with a guitar as a kid and paid homage to all the greatest axe wielders before him by learning their stories and practicing their riffs. Now Zach shreds for the band “Black Acid Devil” and has become the go-to guru for all rock disputes amongst his friends. He even named his dog “Eddie Vedder”.

Just as birds of a feather flocking together, cells of meiosis don’t stray too far either. I’m of course referring to his twin brother, Mike, who kicks ass behind a drum kit and just returned from a summer tour in Europe. Rock is in the Amster blood.

It’s great seeing the comradely between the two brothers. Nothing but love and respect there…and the occasional shot to the groin which is one of the most entertaining sights to see.

Like I said, there’s no fluff with Zach and so he looks past superficiality. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got the face of a radioactive rodent or a hairline that recedes into the next time zone. Cool is cool and that’s what Zach finds. His dad once imparted the following words of wisdom regarding girls: “Here’s your test to see if she’s the one for you – talk about poop with her. If she’s cool with talking about poop, she’s cool. If not, you got to ditch her.” I took this advice to heart and it has held true time and time again.

You can expect an adventure while hanging with Zach because he brings all his energy to every endeavor. He’ll always greet you with a blaring “DUDE! WHAT’S UP?!” with welcoming open arms.

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